Analytical Capabilities

Major analytical Equipments at our Instrumentation Lab

  • » LAF
  • » BOD incubator
  • » Bacteriological incubator
  • » Fluorescence
  • » Microscope
  • » Autoclave
  • » Deep freezer
  • » Lyophilizer

Microbiology Lab

  • » HPLC
  • » GC
  • » Polarimeter
  • » Spectrophotometer
  • » HPTLC

Raw Material Sourcing

We strongly believe that the quality of the starting herbal material is an essential prerequisite as it has an impact on all ensuing phases. Hence GMPs are applied at initial stages in order to guarantee the characteristics of the final product as expected. Our motive is to employ a number of vital measures at this stage:

  • » Supplier inspection and qualification, just according to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • » Area selection
  • » Proper control of harvesting period, harvesting techniques, drying conditions and storage
  • » Crucial botanical identification of the plant and part of the plant
  • » Quarantine of the biomass under stringent monitored conditions
  • » Detailed microbiological analysis
  • » Professional chemical analysis
  • » Successful command over contaminants, including: pesticides ,aflatoxins heavy metals

We do not release botanical raw material without exercising above stated controls for further processing. We would also reject some of the materials that fail to adhere to our stringent requirements.