Our Expertise


We hold expertise in providing top grade quality products to our esteemed patrons. Our team of highly proficient professionals & hi-tech production facility ensure world class products. We make sure that our products meet international quality standards & maintain it at all levels.

Our products are celebrated by our clients and partners for their superior performance and ability to keep up with the highest of expectations time and again

    We Hold Mastery Over:

  • » Botanical R & D and Agronomical R & D
  • » Identification and Authentication of Plant/Plant Material
  • » Macroscopic and microscopic examination of herbal drugs and polyherbal formulations.
  • » Development of Quantzitative standards, viz., Extractive values, Ash values, Fixed oil content, Loss on Drying
  • » Development of Phytochemical Profiles (Fingerprint) using HPTLC,/HPLC/GC/GLC depending upon the nature of the sample
  • » Isolation of Marker compounds using various techniques.
  • » Estimation/Quantification of Active /Marker compounds using HPTLC, HPLC, GLC, GC.
  • » Research of Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
  • » Pharmacokinetics and bioavailabilitiy of herbal drugs and formulations.
  • » Establishing extensive QA/QC parameters, carrying out stability studies of herbal drugs and formulations
  • » Isolation of various marker compounds using different techniques viz., solvent extraction, column chromatography,
  • » Developing pharmacopoeial methods for standardization of herbal drugs, herbal extracts and polyherbal formulations:

The crucial procedure involves development of techniques of standardization for pharmacognostic and phytochemical evaluation of herbal drugs and formulations. The process also involves isolation and characterization of active princi ples/ marker compounds and establishing successful techniques methods for the quantification of marker compounds using HPTLC, HPLC or GLC.

  • » Development of SOPs for the research, preparation & establishment of pharmacopoeial standards & carrying out shelf-life studies.
  • » Bioactivity guided fractionation leading to the isolation of active principles from herbal extracts.
  • » Super advanced development techniques for phytochemical evaluation through marker compound analysis & finger printing of herbal drugs.