Product Name Botanical Source Biomarker and Limits Testing Methods Major Application
Tetrahydrocurcumin Curcuma Longa Tetrahydrocurcumin 95% HPLC

Skin Whitening & Anti-Ageing

Licorice Extract Glycirrhiza Glabra Glabridine 40% HPLC

Skin Whitening

Mulberry Leaf Extract Morus Alba Flavonoids 5% UV

Skin Whitening

Neem Extract Azadiracta India Bitter 5% Gravimetry


Habiscus Liquid Extract Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis Mucilage 10% Gravimetry

Natural Hair Colorant

Papaya Seed Extract Carica Papaya Papin UV

Skin & Hair Care

Brahmi Bacopa Monnaire Bacoside 10% HPLC

Hair Care

Shikakai Extract Acacia concinna Saponins 20% Gravimetric

Hair Care

Heena Extract Lawsonia inermis Powder Gravimetric Hair Care
Pomegranate Punica Granatum Polyphenols 50% UV

Skin Care

Tulsi Extract Ocimumm Sanctum Tannins10% Gravimetry To avoid Pimple & acne
Amla Extract Emblica Officinalis Tannins 40% Gravimetry

Hair Care & Anti-Oxidant